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There's no need to spend all that time and money in culinary school! With Chef Do-Re-Mi, you'll learn the secrets of gourmet cooking in minutes, because once you've learned the song, you'll have learned the technique!

Chef Do-Re-Mi is a series of original animated one-minute musical vignettes — in a variety of musical styles — that each lay out a key technique of French cooking. Demonstrating these lessons are a multicultural trio of musical chefs: Chef Do (bass), Chef Re (drums) and Chef Mi (guitar).

Come jam with our three founders of the highly exciting new "food-fo-tainment" industry, as they melodically guide you through the same lessons taught at the top culinary schools in the world.

These catchy tunes will stay in your brain forever, and so will the cooking lessons!

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Julia Douglass
and Al Houghton